Arranging for Brass - Module 4: Free Arranging

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The examples work from a template for a simple basic approach to building up a new arrangement and progress to show how to expand material through variation, the addition of extra sections and new material.
This skill depends to a large extent on the arranger's 'compositional' ability but these videos give some suggestions for organising ideas and material into musically logical and effective pieces.

Each of the 5 videos shows the instrumental considerations and musical techniques employed to transfer the original source material into a practical and effective brass arrangement.


The examples in this module are:

1. Demonstration of the development of a simple tune: 3 Blind Mice
2. Blow away the Morning Dew - Traditional
3. Battle Hymn of the Republic - Traditional
4. Agincourt Song - Traditional
5. Greensleeves - Traditional


Each video concludes with a suggested exercise example with which to put the techniques into practice.

Click here for sample video clip


A series of 3 introductory videos and 11 resource videos which cover numerous aspects of the technical and musical background required by a serious arranger are included with Module 1, for instruction or reference,

1: Arranging for Brass - Roger Harvey's credentials
2: Why? A bit of history about brass instruments and ensemble repertoire.
3: What? The personal requirements for arranging.

a: The Harmonic Series
b: Transposing Instruments
c: Trumpet
d: Trombone
e: Tuba
f: Horn
g: Breathing
h: Stamina
i: Mutes
j: Harmony 1: notes and scales
k: Harmony 2: chords