Arranging for Brass - Module 1: Transcription Plus

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This set of videos introduces the basic techniques of arranging for brass.

Much arranging can be a relatively simple process of transferring notes or lines from the source material to the new medium. But the results of even this straightforward approach can be improved by careful consideration of such issues as key, comfortabe range of the instruments and sensible part writing. This module begins with advice on these matters and develops ideas of sharing and doubling lines and creating interest with instrumental colour.

Each of the 6 videos shows the instrumental considerations and musical techniques employed to transfer the original source material into a practical and effective brass arrangement.


The examples in this module are:

1. Canzona - William Brade
2. Tan ta ra ran - Thomas Weelkes
3. Pavane - Henry Purcell
4. Sinfonia - J. S. Bach
5. Henry VIII - Departure is my Chief Pain
6. Rigadon - Henry Purcell


Each video concludes with a suggested exercise example with which to put the techniques into practice.

Click here for sample video clip


Included with this module, for instruction or reference, are a series of 3 introductory videos and 11 resource videos which cover numerous aspects of the technical and musical background required by a serious arranger.

1: Arranging for Brass - Roger Harvey's credentials
2: Why? A bit of history about brass instruments and ensemble repertoire.
3: What? The personal requirements for arranging.

a: The Harmonic Series
b: Transposing Instruments
c: Trumpet
d: Trombone
e: Tuba
f: Horn
g: Breathing
h: Stamina
i: Mutes
j: Harmony 1: notes and scales
k: Harmony 2: chords