Sample performed by James Watson and Black Dyke Band

25009 – Trumpet Concerto

Alexander Aratjunjan (1920-)

arranged by Roger Harvey for Solo Trumpet and Brass Band


Difficuly: Hard

Price: £40.00

Programme note:
Aratjunjan was born in Armenia in 1920. He showed early musical promise and after the end of the 2WW he moved to Moscow were he studied composition. In 1948 he was awarded the Stalin Prize for the Motherland Cantata.
The Trumpet Concerto of 1950 provides a welcome addition to the trumpet repertoire being virtuosic and accessable.
Strong influences in Aratjunjan’s work, and amply evident here, are the melodic and rhythmic characteristics of Armenian folk music as typified by ashughner minstrel improvisations

The piece is continuous but falls into the following sections:

Andante—Allegro energico
Meno mosso
Tempo I
Meno mosso
Tempo I - (Cadenza) Coda