Sample played by PJBE

25006 – Tyrolean Variations

Roger Harvey(1949-)/J.B.Arban (1825-1889)


Difficulty: Hard (solo); Medium (band)

Price: £25.00

Programme notes:
Arban spent much of his working life as a professor of trumpet, firstly at the Ecole Militaire and later at the Paris Conservertoire where he succeeded in setting up the class for cornet. Apart from his teaching he was a renowned conductor of salon music and also directed at the Opera. His compositions are mostly slight and he is mainly known for his version of the Carnival of Venice and his extremely thorough, and still much-used instruction manual, The Complete Method, in which this Theme and Variations appears.

The solo part retains Arban's original music but the accompaniment was newly written for performances by Frank Lloyd and the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble in Japan in 1982. The version for French horn is here adapted for Tenor Horn and brass band.

Performance notes:
The solo part is, of course, for a player with a virtuoso technique. The main technical concern in the
accompaniment is to keep the volume at a level at which the horn player can play without undue strain.
However, the interludes should be stronger and well characterised.